About Us

Its wired sometimes to explain yourself but let me try …

I’m a simple coder who have a knack with computer languages. My aim is to educate every one with the best of the language knowledge which is not easily available anywhere else in the Internet world.

Me, as a person love making things which are useful and easy to understand ( more like a building material need calculator for a new home builders etc. ). With an advent of computers and new computer languages, I think we live in the world where things are getting more and more easier and updated. But when we think about the documentation of these web languages, they kinda lack in easy to understand examples and real world solutions. Some of them have active blogs but these are active only for asking questions and not for real idea implementation. I try to implement this difference with my way of knowledge sharing.

In free time I take a brisk walk to understand the nature around me and try to implement natural ways of automation. This makes me feel good and energized.

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