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Enable Edit Button in Shutter In Linux Mint 19 and Ubuntu 18.04

Shutter is a screen capturing software. It allows you to take screenshot of a specific area, window and even the entire screen.

Shutter also comes with a few editing tools, however these tools are not enabled by default. To enable these tools we’ll have to install some additional packages.

All the instructions mentioned in this post is tested on Linux Mint 19 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Let’s start!

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Pygments Tutorial

Pygments is a very popular and robust Python package to highlight code snippets. Many well-known sites like Wikipedia, BitBucket, Read the Docs etc. are using it. Here are some of the features of Pygments: Supports a wide range of languages and markup formats. New language and markup can be added easily. Can use used as …

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How to use Virtualenv ?

What is Virtualenv?

Virtualenv is a handy tool for creating Python Virtual Environments.

So Why do we need Virtual Environments?

You can think of Virtual Environments as a separate Python installation which allows us to work on projects using different versions of the same package without conflicting with one another. Consider the following example:

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Installing MySQL (Windows, Linux and Mac)

MySQL is one of the most used Relational databases on the Web and in this lesson, we will learn how to install it. This post specifically covers how to install MySQL on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Installing MySQL on Windows To download MySQL for Windows navigate to Scroll down a little and you …

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Installing GoAccess (A Real-time web log analyzer)

GoAccess is an open source software which allows us to monitor a web server in real time. It displays the statistics after reading web server logs. The purpose behind the GoAccess was to provide valuable information to the site administrator in real-time right inside the terminal. GoAccess is not just limited to the terminal, it also gives you the option to view statistics in the browser.

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Installing Isso

Isso is an open source alternative to Disqus. It is written in Python and allows users to enter comments in markdown. Unlike Disqus however, it is very lightweight and uses SQLite database store comments. Lately, Disqus has been criticized because of its privacy policies and bad site performance. If you are really concerned about these issues then isso might be a great alternative. This post describes how you can install isso on a blog written in Flask running on Ubuntu server though it can be adapted to any framework or server of your choice.

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